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Doug Perry

Dr. Douglas M. Perry DTCM, Instructor & Author

Doug Perry
Douglas M. Perry is a resident of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. He is renowned for demonstrating a vast knowledge in energy healing.

Doug started doing healing work for his Martial arts students In Jamaica in 1986. He was there working for the Yogi mission of Ananda Marga where he studied Yoga theology and practice. He started and taught martial arts schools to help raise money for the mission’s orphanage and kindergartens. Upon returning to Vancouver in 1987 Doug wanted to expand on his natural healing abilities and began taking various trainings in holistic medicine; an interest he continues still. Doug has taught Qi Gong, Reiki, Light Resonance Therapy/Focus Session Therapy, Yoga, Rife Therapy, Quantum Touch, Herb walks, Tai Chi, various meditative and guided visualization techniques, as well as self-defense before developing the Quantum Healing course that is explained in his Books and DVDs. Doug has spent time with various masters, healers and teachers to learn what they would teach him outside of the classroom and seminar formats.

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Many people talk about ascension like it is something that is only achievable by people from the past in from away lands. Well that is not true. Anyone can ascend. It is not that difficult. All that you basically have to do is be aware of who and what you are, and have utility of your energy and awareness and know a good method.  This book gives you an affective method to achieve it on your own or with others.

Holistic training taken by the founder of Quantum Healing, Doug Perry:

  • Ascending through the chakras, Rose Ananda Heart, Vancouver BC 2006
  • Manifestation Workshop, Jean Shelemey, Vancouver BC 2006
  • Certified Biofeedback Therapist, NBCB, Alyce Harms, Victoria BC 2005
  • Empowered to be, Rose Ananda Heart, Vancouver BC 2005
  • Elite Awareness, Faye Fitsgerald, Burnaby BC 2005
  • Master Warriors, Year 3. Ann Binning Vancouver BC 2003/2004
  • Reiki Master, Canela Michelle Meyers, North Vancouver BC 2004
  • Training in Power, Level six. Faye Fitsgerald, Vancouver BC 2003
  • Training in Power, Level five. Faye Fitsgerald, Vancouver BC 2003
  • Training in Power, Level four. Faye Fitsgerald, Vancouver BC 2003
  • Master Warriors, Year 2. Ann Binning Vancouver BC 2003/2004
  • Quantum Touch Instructor. Richard Gordon, Quantum Touch 2003
  • Complicated Conditions Seminar. John Scott, OMD, Vancouver BC 2002
  • KongJing Qi Gong. Peng Jiu Ling Qi Gong Health Center 2002
  • Master Warriors, Year 1. Ann Binning Vancouver BC 2002/2003
  • Super Charging Quantum Touch. Alain Herriott, Tsawwassen BC 2002
  • Training in Power, Level Three. Faye Fitsgerald, Vancouver BC 2002
  • Face Reading. Niriyan Singh, Vancouver BC 2002
  • Quantum Touch. Richard Gordon, Vancouver BC 2001
  • Training in Power, Level Two. Jean Shelemey, Vancouver BC 2001
  • Training In Power, Level One. Jean Shelemey, Vancouver BC 2000
  • Quantum Touch. Richard Gordon, Seattle WA USA 2000
  • Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (DTCM) Canadian College Of TCM Vancouver BC 1999
  • Qi Gong Instructor. Peng Jiu Ling, Qi Gong Health Centre 1999
  • Molecular Alignment Therapist Vercom, Everett WA USA 1998
  • Reiki Level 2. Master Rekha Sharma, Vancouver BC 1997
  • Qi Gong Therapist. Peng Jiu Ling, Qi Gong Health Centre 1995
  • Eight Treasurs Qi Gong. Master Ranan Rauch OMD, Vancouver BC 1995
  • Reiki Level 1. Master Gyano, Vancouver BC 1994
  • Hypnotherapy 1. Wild Rose College, Vancouver BC 1993
  • Art Access. Emily Carr School of Art, Vancouver BC 1993
  • Chi Kung Level 1. Master Leung, Vancouver BC 1993
  • Qi Gong Level 1. Peng Jiu Ling, Qi Gong Health Centre 1992
  • Rayid Seminar. Rayid International, Denny Johnsen, Denver Colorado USA 1992
  • Rayid Seminar. Rayid International, Denny Johnsen, Vancouver BC 1991
  • Mt. Curry Herb Walk. Wild Rose College, Vancouver BC 1990
  • Transformational kinesiology. Wild Rose College, Vancouver BC 1990
  • Hilot shiatsu. Universal Martial Arts Inc, Vancouver BC 1988
  • Tai Chi Instructor. Universal Martial Arts Inc, Vancouver BC 1988
  • Yoga Instructor. Ananda Marga School, Kingston Jamaica 1987
  • Martial Arts Instructor. Datu Shishir Inocalla, Vancouver BC. 1986
  • Business Management Diploma. Vancouver Community College Langara, Vancouver BC 1985

Doug has worked as a healer since 1988 in Vancouver BC Canada utilizing the many trainings that he has taken as well as his natural healing abilities and intuition. He has worked with everything from tooth-ache and the common cold to chronic and severe health conditions including HIV, Hepatitis-C, Scoliosis, MS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Epilepsy, Silicon toxicity, Migraine, etc. He has also worked with mental imbalances like Manic-Depression, addictions, and emotion imbalances including various abuse issues.

Apart from the personal training and courses Doug has studied, learned and practiced from books and tapes for his own personal growth. He studied NLP in the late 80s and early 90s. In 1994, from the book Bone Marrow Nie Kung, he started a daily practice that he maintained for several years. He utilized the Tensegrity tape series (Carlos Castaneda's system that is surprisingly similar to the advanced Qi Gong taught in Hung Gar Kung Fu) and followed that practice for two years; as well as many other books and DVD and tape trainings.

Dr. Douglas M. Perry DTCM claims, “A lesson in life can be garnered from every event and each person that you take the time to understand”. Then he admits that not always, but often, he chooses not to take the time, and rather follows the whims of the path of experiencing the many joys of life that are presented before him.

" As I grew up and became an adult member of our society I endeavored to learn all that I could to understand how my body and mind works and how life works too. As I learned various spiritual paths and healing modalities it become clear to me that most of our species had forgotten the connection that we all have to each other and to the whole of life. This worried me and then later I learned that others were concerned too. I realized that it is important that we relearn, or remember, who and what we are.
I started with me and learned all that I could about myself, who I am and why I am the way that I am. As I am coming to know myself better I am more able to understand the world and the other life that I share it with. Also as I get to know myself better I am more capable of experiencing my feelings, both emotionally and physically.
Each new energetic system that I learned expanded my consciousness and allows me to be more true to myself, and to experience life more fully. Beyond the practical application of the classes that I teach I enjoy helping people to heighten and expanded their awareness. That I am able to share what I have learned brings joy to my heart. Helping others expand their consciousness is the motivation in, and for, my work.
The passion and goal in my life is to be all that I truly am and to help others to be all that they truly are."

Doug's Other Relevant Experience

Started practicing TCM since July 1999. Performing Acupuncture, Qi Gong, Shiatsu, Light Resonance Focus Session, Frequency Therapy, Quantum Touch, Reiki, as well as prescribing Herbs, Nutritional Supplements, Minerals and Vitamins for clients with acute and chronic health problems.
Founded Arbor Field ­ 2001. A small company designing, manufacturing and selling Focusable Energy Field Generators. Developed products, trained staff, negotiated contracts.
From October 2000 through October 2001 cooperated and worked part time in the design, production and promotion of the Energetic Fitness System.
From 1999 to 2000 I built Audible Frequency Photon Ray Generators, And designed and built the first portable Focusable Energetic Field Generator for use in my practice; and for use by my clients.
From December 1999 through August 2000 was employed full time as an Acupuncturist by the BC Compassion Club Society. Treated many chronic and severe health conditions including HIV, Hep - C, Scloliosis, MS, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Epilepsy, Silicon toxicity, Migraine, etc.
Practiced a variety of alternative and complimentary healthcare services part time starting with Shiatsu in 1988, added modalities as he learned them.
Retail customer service 1994-1995, Happy Buddha Health Shop. Vancouver, BC served customers and sold nutritional and herbal health products.
Initiated to teaching by introducing the Philippine martial art of Arnis to Jamaica in Kingston by starting classes at four locations 1986-1987; and continued by providing classes and private lessons in Arnis, Tia Chi, and Yoga at various locations in Vancouver, Burnaby, and Richmond 1988 - 1990. Doug Has always included some meditations in all of his classes and was granted permission to do basic initiations while doing his yoga theology training with Dada-Sugutananda in 1987. He continued to teach martial arts, Yoga, Tai Chi and Meditation and added material and classes as he became qualified. Offering Qi Gong in the 90’s, Light Resonance Focus Session Therapy in 2001, Quantum Touch 2003, Reiki and Quantum Healing 2004 to groups and individuals in private sessions, classes and seminars.

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