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Most of my minor aches and pains dissipated. More aware of my surroundings and the energy around them. I am more relaxed. It was fun, I liked the interaction when it came to practicing what we were tought. It was neat to experience the healing you give and receive.

— Rebecca Mikolash, Level 1, 2009

I experienced a wellbeing improvement. I felt a shift within my awareness within my body, mind and spirit. This has taught me how important some things are and others things are not. I know I will continue to grow from this class. Keep up the good work and interesting stories/experiences.

— Murray Patton, Level 2, 2009


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Some words from students of Quantum Healing Level One classes, and other recent classes taught by the author Dr. Douglas Perry DTCM



“ The class is exactly what I need.”

More sense of awareness of myself within the “world” and not separate from it. Techniques for letting go & feeling the energy flow. Transferable skills & awareness that can benefit other aspects of life, work & play. Enjoyed the friendship created with the instructor and other participants, great way to enjoy a weekend.
David Derwin level 1 2014

-Did you personally experience any health or well being improvements in the class? - Many, but its difficult to know immediately which will stay. Hopefully all will. Didn't have major problem to begin with though.
Gary Hunter Level 1 2014

Less aches and pains. Movement in shoulder. Pain gone on left side of jaw, pain much less on right side of jaw. Relaxed. Great experience as a group! Enjoyed everyones feedback and growth.
Rebecca Mikolash Level 1 audit 2014

Course was amazing with more content than I could imagine. Because it had to be condensed into so little time I felt rushed beyond myself. Now I can digest the content slowly and work with the information. Everything came together in the end. Doug is a very good presenter and I would recommend this program to others.
Valerie Giesbrecht Level 1 & 2 2014

I experienced a wealth of knowledge and clarity when it comes to feeling energy. I am thankful for the opportunity to take the class and be able to see and experience and participate in such an uplifting modality. I look forward to the future of raising vibrations and helping change peoples lives.
Kim Truthwaite Level 1 & 2 2014

Calmness, strength, forgiveness elevated. Acceptance and power from my work was further developed. Developed a process to further balance all aspects of my life. Spiritual and mental talents merged closer together. Your work is much needed on a grand scale to help raise the consciousness of others for the greater good of our world. I want to practice this for the benefit of me, my family, & loved ones.
David D. Level 2 2014

I have greater lung capacity. I released fear, I feel powerful and unstoppable , I haven't felt this way since 1982.
Gary Hunter Level 2 2014

Nasal passages cleared out a lot. Hip pain went away, feel more relaxed. Released some more anger. Gained some helpful knowledge in moving towards the practice of healing others, and myself. The manifestation of healing and helping energy of the clients guides came out more.
Rebecca Mikolash Level 2 2014

Cold cleared up, more peaceful, calm, feel stronger, less exhausted, more energized. Actually completely different from when I first started class. Much better, powerful self empowering tool. Lots of emotional clearings.
Cheryl Brillion – 2009 level one.

I usually have body pain but have none today. (this is VERY unusual) Feet cold but warmed up. Tired today but became more alert as class progressed. Learned a lot of theory that I can put to use in my own practice.
Heather Pendleton – 2009 level one

I had lower back spasms when I first arrived on the first day, I had a healing on the area and found the pain had diminished somewhat. I had a second healing the next day and was almost pain free. I was amazed at how quickly I was able to learn the material and that it is immediately applicable.
Helen F. Sept. 2008 level one.

Fun format, always managed to get the class back on track. The long term effect will be (hopefully) less tingling (pins and needles) in extremities. The sessions did help lesson them over night & backache was diminished.
Laine Sept. 2008 level one.

Now I know who I am and where we have to go one day. It's enlightenment and meeting your true self. It makes your vision, thoughts and thinking very clear. It makes you a better person. This course tells you that there is always a solution for any problem and any issue that is within you. Douglas M. Perry is a wonderful person, wonderful and very knowledgeable person. His communication skills are very good. Whatever he has learned in so many years students are fortunate to receive that knowledge in just 2 and a half days.
Savita level 2 - 2008

It was a good experience and I enjoyed it very much.
James Ang level 2 audit - 2008

Enhanced energy and quality of sleep. An amazing journey at the heart of truth, love and light. Behold, be ready and enjoy the trek of a lifetime!
Odette Blier level 2 - 2008

My opportunity to release negative energetics + release the stresses on my body felt great. Also thanks to the instructor's daughter my ankle feels better. - The meditations put me in touch with a level of spirituality that would have been unattainable without Doug's thoughtful direction.
Rick Mackowichuk level 2 audit - 2008

Thank you. To make this connection is indescribable. everything is different now. Everything. My spirit has been lifted and lifted again and where it lands - nobody knows thanks. I am so grateful for this knowledge and my own willingness. I know these will be a perfect match. Thank you Doug. I am so glad to meet you , my honour.
Jessica Mckenzie level 2 - 2008

Yes indeed, I did. Could not sleep - felt too good. Wanted to be awake to enjoy the delicious feeling of happiness in my body.
Imogen Whyte 2008

The pain in my tummy went away the first time I got a healing. My right ear cleared up more than it had. My sore throat ran away. I enjoyed the class very much. You will definitely see me again in other classes. I plan on carrying on and using the techniques daily, as well as helping others with their vibrations.
Ashley Reid 2008

By the end of the 2 days, I definitely felt calmer and it felt as if a lot of stress was removed from my body. Every body part that was worked on in the group healing felt better - IE chest & between shoulders blades, elbow, head. It was certainly quite an experience and I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn or know more about energy healing. Doug was very clear and concise and was very easy to understand, a great teacher.
Wilma MacMillan 2008

I had a clearer understanding of my physical situation, my energy body & the connections of all the situations I find myself in & the energies surrounding me & my environment. I feel a real inner shift, a perception shift and a sense of inner peace that helps me to let go of issues. I feel compassion and forgiveness enveloping my being.
Regina B. Reuke Burnaby 2008

It's been three weeks since I participated in the Quantum Healing Level 1 workshop. Although I have always been aware of energy around my hands, I had not previously practiced a specific modality. This workshop served as a wonderful first exposure to the application of specific technique in moving energy for the purpose of healing. I also found the chakra alignment practices very energizing and beneficial, and am still able to feel the energy shifting within me as I do the practices. Since the workshop, I have noticed that my gall bladder discomfort appears to have subsided. I believe the healing exercises we did, gave support and worked well in conjunction with other practices I have been doing, including Kundalini yoga, Acupuncture/Acupressure massage, and meditation. Although I had already been doing the other practices prior to the workshop, this seems to have provided a turning point. On another note, my dog had a crisis brought on most likely by heat exhaustion about a week ago and I became afraid I would lose her. I applied the healing techniques as taught by Doug, and by the next afternoon she was refreshed enough to go for our usual walk in the woods. Given her age, her recovery was considerably more rapid than I would have normally expected. I notice that she seems particularly receptive to the energy healing, becoming totally relaxed as if blissed out, and licking my hands and face when we have completed the healing. I am very much looking forward to Level 2 and a deeper learning of these principles.!
Kate F. Burnaby, June 2008

I noticed strengthening in areas of my body that previously I had difficulties with. I could also feel energy movement in my body where I have difficulties getting it to move. Most noticeably I had a drastic increase in my ability to feel and see the energetic or subtle world, energy fields / auras. This is definitely an area that I've got to sharpen to help my other energy practices. Just spending the first of two days in class made my visualizations much clearer and my ability to move the energy in my regular practice much smoother than usual. During this practice the results were much more powerful.
Fritz Paesch 2007

I felt overall calm. My back and neck feel better. Also my stomach feels better. It opened to me a new way to see the world. The class was great. The concepts were explained in a very clear manner. The instructor was really careful on every students particular need, and able to answer competently every question.
Stefano Zanetti Burnaby 2007

Through out the seminar I felt many various types of shifts of energy and freeing of blockages. The experience was undoubtedly healing on many levels. Doug provides a secure vehicle to experience a very challenging and power packed course. His instruction, I found to be very precise and direct. I came away feeling that I had really learnt something significant and practically useful on our journey to greater awareness. I found him to be very sincere a good source of wisdom. Well done Doug, thank you!!
Ken Salmon July 2007

I did experience relief; in the neck and upper back where I had massive pain the edge was taken off.
Elda E. De Paschoal July 2007

I have an in-depth sense of coming home into my being fully; reclaiming & accepting my power connections with self & Source. Doug, you did an excellent job of facilitating & developing an awesome experience. Thank you for all your support. The class was a very gentle & powerfully integrating experience.
Kathryn Polischuk July 2007

I experienced an increased energy level, and focus. Doug is an excellent teacher and facilitator. Thanks!
G. Major July 2007

Over all charging and realignment of body. Don’t have any major health concerns. Worked on specific areas that needed treatment during the class. Great class for being more in tune with body and mind. Great class for spiritual development. Invaluable amount of knowledge presented. Thanks Doug!!
Andrea Koreova July 2007

A lot of my body aches dissipated. My throat chackra became stronger along with my voice and inner sense of people listening to what I said. My senses of the possible and reality were expanded. I was profoundly awakened to my power to move energy.
Michael Paulse July 2007

Absolutely, I feel calmer, reconnected, and my body and spirit feel very refreshed. I like feeling that energy in my chackras and I’m certain that a remarkable healing has taken place in me today. Good classmates as well. I am really an outdoors freak, so it’s difficult for me to sit still, and I get bored easily: Doug kept my attention and the material was very important to learn. Thanks Doug.
Carol Kitchen July 2007

After this class I am feeling a sense of well being. I have not been well since a dental mishap; for over a year. The work is very profound, both physically & spiritually. The best part was developing the knowing that one can heal oneself & that’s my goal.
Deborah Fan Quantum Healing Workshop Participant Vancouver May 2006

Very good systematic way to give yourself and others a tune up; to light up your energy centers for high frequency healing, wow, a lifetime tool for health and awareness. Thank you Doug.
Laurie Pryce May 2006

Excellent all round. Thank You. Doug’s knowledge of the variety of energy healing systems used by the different cultures in today’s world is immense. With this he is able to put together a professional, informative, yet simple to understand course. A definite recommendation to all those interested.
Jason Gill 2006

In a sense of clarity I feel great. My body feels fully recharged, and the path that I’m on I’m definitely going to continue. I am going to recommend it to all my planetary brothers and sisters. Thanks Doug!
Martina Moravkova 2006

My hips leveled and my shoulders felt more relaxed. I feel centered and happy. It was great. It is exciting how easy it is to do.
Valeska Gauthier 2006

I felt profound shifts in my awareness of myself and others. I could feel much more energy in my whole body, and experienced many insights. Doug has a great depth of knowledge and experience that was great to call upon.
Lauren Evanow 2005

I experienced levels of high vibration and peaceful stillness.
Peter Froese Quantum Healing Workshop Participant Vancouver 2005

I experienced release in tension in my shoulders, neck & heart area. I experienced a feeling of lightness, peace & deep relaxation by the last class. I really enjoyed Doug’s instruction, he kept everything on track.
Rose Ananda Heart Quantum Healing Workshop Participant Vancouver 2005

I felt more aligned and less stiffness. I felt more empowered to regain my own health & strength. Thank you Doug!
Revel Kunz Quantum Healing Workshop Participant Vancouver 2005

I enjoyed this class. Found some things really difficult but know I need to practice. I was quite surprised at the amount of energy that we could generate. I enjoyed the instruction from Doug. You are very patient and understanding, and made the class enjoyable with a few laughs as well as the serious side. Thanks.
Marjorie Mc Nichol Quantum Healing Workshop Participant Vernon May 21-22nd 2005

Wonderful Workshop. I had never worked with chakras before, but the experience I had with them were powerful and lasting. The power in the energy system of our own body is amazing. I was very surprised & learned a lot. I appreciated your openness to learn new things about the system from your students. The pace was FAST, Very high-level learning curve. I was surprised how quickly it becomes easy to shift one’s energy levels. Lots of fun; thanks Doug for giving the power to the individual.
Mary-Allana Holmes Quantum Healing Workshop Participant Vernon May 21-22nd 2005

Through learning the practice of Quantum Healing, I was able to clear energy that was blocked in my throat and face for many decades. I had learned and practiced many other energetic systems, and in only 2 days of Quantum Healing practice, I cleared this long time blockage.
Lorraine Ballantine, Quantum Healing Workshop Participant Vernon May 21-22nd 2005

Similar to Quantum-Touch but with the added techniques and slightly different approach Doug brings, I was able to break through to a much higher level of healing ability.
Rob Barnes, Quantum Healing Workshop Participant Vernon May 21-22nd 2005

Thank you Doug for allowing me this opportunity to put more pieces together and to demonstrate so much correction in your method of teaching. Personally I really was able to appreciate the earth’s energy in a more sentient healing modality to our human form than ever before. The content was so full and yet layered together so well that learning was a pleasure not a trial. I would recommend this to anyone. Sincerely,
Deb Specht Quantum Healing Workshop Participant Vernon May 21-22nd 2005

Great presentation - kept course moving and interesting! Thank you!!
Rick Malcowichuk

After almost every area of my body received a treatment, I feel I have more energy & generally feel better. B Lea
Discomforts in shoulders, neck and right leg much improved, if not completely gone. Feel peaceful, satisfied, able to see things more clearly in regards to energy around us. Excellence of the first degree. Thank you. Bob Lea
I feel way more clarity & focused in the present. I feel more energized than I have been in the last two months. The energy work done on my jaw nerve subsided the pain. It's great to see that you qualify what you mean & what we think you mean is indeed on par.
Susan Pabuick

Things that I had cling on to without me knowing left and are gone. I also acquired knowledge that is extremely special to me, through conformation from Doug Perry's vast knowledge. Doug is an awesome guy and demonstrates vast knowledge & integrity in his teaching.
Remy Godin level 2 - 2008

Reiki Instruction Testimonials

I would describe Doug as an intuitive teacher who is gently guiding, yet focused without being forcefully formatted. Though this is not my preferred method of learning it is definitely effective. He is also extremely flexible and open to the teaching and learning process during instruction which enables you to feel like you are growing, and contributing to the learning process as opposed to being indoctrinated with a personally filtered version of the modality he is teaching.
Jennifer Larson Reiki Masters Class - Oct. 2008

I value Doug's teaching to be true, efficient & effective. Doug demonstrates a vast knowledge in energy healing & physical which makes the class very interesting; which also makes him able to guide, and answer an extensive amount of questions, and be able to relate with all students. I am very thankful for your teaching and your time.
Remy Godin Reiki Masters class - Oct. 2008


Most physical problems respond very quickly to Quantum Healing. Realigning of bones, swollen tissue, limited motion, pain and tightness all usually improve during the session and continue to improve after the treatment. Sometimes emotional blocks are released during a session. I have seen TMJ, frozen shoulder, abscessed tooth, crones, headaches and poor vision drastically improve during and after sessions. I even had a client feel some sensation in a part of her leg after one session that had been numb for years.

The results vary depending on the condition and the overall health of the client. If the clients overall health and their spirit are both low they may not hold the results as well as a vibrant happy person. If a client is feeling guilty or undeserving of healing they likely won't respond as well or retain the results as long. I have seen good, unbelievable, results in clients that I never would have believed were possible; and they never expected. A few times I have also seen very little results for conditions that I had always gotten great results for on similar conditions with other people. From the people that I have taught, I have heard that, results are seen on more than 90% of the treatments given.

Sometimes the results from Quantum Healing take a few days to manifest. I have had clients reluctantly pay for sessions and say that they didn't feel much and definitely don't feel any better. Two or three days later they phone me and tell me about the fantastic improvements that increased daily! Sometimes the correction that takes place energetically takes some time to affect the tissue to the extent that it corrects itself enough for the person to notice an improvement.



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